Lottie Animated Images for Elementor

Animated Images for Elementor is excellent for adding light and eye-catching animations to your WordPress website and increase the conversion and engagement of your customers
Perfect vector

You can easily pick up an animation that suits your site and your customers and use it in just two clicks

One-click customization

The Elementor widget has many options that allow you to manage even small details of any entity

Use the library of JSON animations

he animation library includes thousands of exciting animations made by professional designers from around the world


This Lottier represents the future of web animations because it uses the SVG and JSON code to animate SVG paths & shapes

More than just an animated images

Inside the Elementor, you can configure everything about the size, position, animation speed, looping, or playback mode. Besides, you can edit the colors of the layers inside the animation, for this on the animation library website there is a very functional editor of animated pictures online

Funny animation

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Fresh animations

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Spunky animations

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Some features

of the widget

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for Elementor?

We have many useful add-ons for Elementor. You can see some of them in the columns on the left.

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