Slideshow Carousel & Slider for Elementor

The plugin is a Slideshow Carousel and Slider widget for the Elementor Builder. It is easy to use and flexible widget that can make your website more engaging and interactive
  • Cardio Trainings

  • Crossfit Trainings

    • Awesome beach vacation

    • Lighthouse by the sea

    • Icelandic fun for everyone

    • Amazing vacation in the park

    • Holidays in the Alps for two

    Two types of display to suit all your needs

    You are not limited in the description for each slide and can add custom content using the TinyMCE editor easily

    One-click customization

    The Elementor widget has many options that allow you to manage even small details of any entity

    Supports touch and swipe navigation

    It even accelerates to keep up with your pace when you click through previous and next navigation

    Customizable icon position & size

    Place icon anywhere and create a unique button style to suit your site design using the Buttoner

    More than just

    a carousel widget

    Precise settings allow you to configure the slider and get the desired result in a short time
    • Dr. Hamer
    • Dr. Greenwood
    • Dr. Meza
    • Dr. Crossley
    • Dr. Bradley
    • Dr. Thompson
    • Dr. Whitehouse
    • Dr. Prince
    • Dr. Bradley

    Some features

    of the widget

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    Awesome Templates

    for each widgets

    To improve you initial experience with the plugin we included Elementor
    Templates to the package. These are just some examples that can inspire you
    to create your style

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