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Is easy-to-use weather forecasts WordPress plugin. It is based on OpenWeatherMap API and works with a free API key which involves some limitation, but the service provides for paid plans to get expanded opportunities.
Location: Rawalpindi Population: 1743101
33°C Feels like 36°C
53% 95% 2m/s 86deg
Current weather anywhere in the world

The current temperature and weather conditions in any city in the world at any time right on your site.

One-click customization

The Elementor widget has many options that allow you to manage even small details of any entity

Accurate weather with OpenWeather API

We use one of the most powerful and modern weather services to provide you with the most accurate weather.

Flexible Weather Layout

Flexible layout configuration allows you to turn data types on and off and change their places within the same row.

More than just a weather widget

Weather plugin setup takes a few seconds to get and enter the necessary data about a specific place, and the weather for that place will be displayed on your site
Paris FR
52% 0% 6m/s
Madrid ES
16% 0% 4m/s
Rome IT
44% 0% 3m/s

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Berlin , DE
52% 0% 4m/s 320deg

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