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The Share Button is a simple and lightweight WordPress plugin for Elementor. It lets you place unlimited social buttons anywhere on your pages
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Supports all popular social networks

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Tumblr, Digg, Skype, StumbleUpon, Telegram, Pocket, XING, WhatsApp, Email, Print

Various button View types, Skins and Shapes

You can specify the number of columns for different devices to make it look good on different screens

Three button view types

Manage the button size, height and width, icon size, column gap, typography and other options to get required result

Customizable button

With flexible widget settings, you can get both the official color style of social icons and custom ones.

More Than Just a Share Buttons

Share your top posts to get even more people to read your content.

Abstract geometric object

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January 15,2023
by merkulove

7 High-Protein Snacks That Actually Taste Good

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