Area Chart for Elementor

Area Chart for Elementor represents the change in one or more quantities over time
Smoothing Line

Фdjust the rounding of your graph lines to create unique effects

One-click customization

The Elementor widget has many options that allow you to manage even small details of any entity

Awesome chart animation

Choose animation effect to load data on your graph

Built on the popular Chartist.js library

The plugin was built on the popular Chartist.js library, which is known for its flexible settings, wide charting capabilities, and adaptability

More than just

a area chart widget

In both area charts and line graphs, data points are plotted and then connected by line segments to show the value of a quantity at several different times

App Monthly Activity

user activity in our application

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Some features

of the widget

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for Elementor?

We have many useful add-ons for Elementor. You can see some of them in the columns on the left.

Awesome Templates

for each widgets

To improve you initial experience with the plugin we included Elementor
Templates to the package. These are just some examples that can inspire you
to create your style

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